How To Become A Fireman

Fireman Recruitment Process






Steps To Becoming A Fireman:

1. Complete application form

2. Pass Tests

3. Pass Interview

4. Pass Medical

Become A Fireman In The UK

Becoming a Fireman in the UK is a lengthy and challenging process. It can take many months from making an initial application through to starting training as a fireman. It is extremely important that you work hard and research every stage of the fireman recruitment process to give yourself the best chance of passing the fireman selection process. Nine out of ten applicants are declined, so it is vital that you do everything you can to give yourself the edge over the competition.

Most people want to become a fireman because they are keen to embark upon a rewarding career. Being a fireman is a far cry from the mundane life of a 9 to 5 office worker. Many people who apply to become fireman are bored of their current jobs and want to work in a job that is more rewarding and exciting. As a fireman, you will be an essential part of the local community, and will be saving lives and protecting the public. It can be an exciting, and often dangerous, career.

The benefits of becoming a fireman are also substantial, you will have a very secure life long career, the pay is decent, and you get lots of time off due to the nature of shift work.

How To Become A Fireman – The Job Role

Fireman do not only deal with fires, they can be called upon to deal with a variety of different emergency situations, such as car crashes and rescues. Modern firefighters will also need to work to educate the local community about fire hazards and safety. You may have experienced a fireman visiting your school when you were a child, this is all about safety awareness and trying to prevent fires and other accidents from happening. Its far easier and cheaper to prevent accidents, than to deal with them. Expect to be in contact with the public regularly.

You will also spend a lot of your time drilling and training, to ensure that you perform at your best when emergencies arise. The level of expertise a fireman requires is enormous, so you will constantly be training to maintain this huge amount of knowledge.

How To Become A Fireman - Who Can Apply?

The basic requirements are as follows:

Need a full driving licence

Be at least 18

Have good colour vision

Be able to pass the fitness and medical exams

How To Become A Fireman

In addition to this, you will need to have certain personal qualities and attributes to be a fireman. You will need to have a sensitive and thoughtful approach dealing with public, as often you may be dealing with them in tragic circumstances. You will also need to be able to remain calm under extreme pressure, be an excellent team player, but also able to follow orders and instructions accurately.

Due to the large amount of knowledge you will need to acquire as a fireman, you will also need to be committed to lifelong learning – training never really stops, and you will be training throughout your career. The job is a very demanding one, and it takes a special individual to fill it.

How to Become A Fireman – The Fireman Recruitment Process

If you want to become a fireman, you must first find a job vacancy in the area you wish to work in. Once you have found a fireman vacancy, you will need to contact the recruiter and obtain an application forum. If you are successful at this stage, you will then progress to take the fireman tests which include psychometric and physical tests. If you pass these, you will then be invited to an interview. If you are successful at the interview stage, the last hurdle is the medical. Read more in the Fireman Recruitment Process page.